ILLESTA AW 15/16 campaign

photo: Ola GolczyƄska
model: Sabina Wrotny/rebelmodels
styling: Gosia Boy
make-up: Anna Maria Zieja
graphic: Mateusz Suda


Barcelona part I : how we found pleasure in little things

It was almost midnight when we got out of the airport bus. We had no idea where to go so we asked a guy who was on a plane with us if he knows where should we head. He turned out to be an international manager of a really well-knowned fashion brand. He didn't know the road but he asked if we'd want to drink some vodka he brought with himself. Air was hot and sultry, music was playing nearby. In the middle of the night we fell in love with the city. Everything seemed so hazy and unreal, like it was only a dream of ours.